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WBGS The Black Gospel Station is the brainchild of Sean Paul Jackson, a lover of the Gospel music genre.

The station began its long journey in 2002 when we began broadcasting on the Live365 servers. 4 successful years of broadcasting brought us to the #2 spot in their list of 190 stations. During that time we were broadcasting God's music in a playlist format with specialty shows sprinkled in and a live show here and there. Financial times got difficult for the station and we have had to reduce our involvement. Throughout the years we have come and go, but in every reincarnation we always enjoyed top ratings in the list of gospel station on whichever server we were on.
´╗┐Well after a 3 year hiatus, we were able to find our current server host and were back! The format is the same, with new shows and programs designed to keep you tuned in ALL DAY. Our most popular time of the day is during the work week days where we have a captive audience. It is our goal you keep you tuned in, so in that token we ask for your assistance on that endeavour.

We believe one thing that sets us apart from other gospel stations on the internet is that we appreciate critisism, comments and complaints. This is YOUR station and we would like do do all we can to make sure we keep YOU as a dedicated listener. We would like to hear any comments you have about the station. You will always get a response from us either through email or by making a change on the station.
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