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Troubadour 1700 AM & 97.9 FM Micro Radio - Shirley, MA USA

Troubadour 1700 AM & 97.9 FM Micro Radio - Shirley, MA USA Logo
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Minimum Wage Media is a collection of the following Part 15 AM and micro FM stations in Shirley, MA USA:

Troubadour 1700 AM/97.9 FM - best described as "Walden 1120 2.0" ...The taste and sensibilities of 1980's to early 1990's Boston area folk radio updated for the 21st Century and spiced with Americana, World, and New Age.

Liberty & Justice 1640 AM/87.5 FM/95.1 FM - Talk radio for people who think for themselves and know who their real friends and enemies are. For people who dream of a green, healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world of freedom and opportunity for ALL, where government actually protects and provides those opportunities instead of cover for the criminal corporations and elites. Liberty & Justice Radio offers two programming services: The liberty loving "Alex Edition" on 1640 AM /95.1 FM and the progressive leaning "Thom Edition" on 87.5 FM.
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