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The Genesis Communications Network is the fastest growing talk radio network in the world. Founded in 1997, by Ted Anderson, owner of Midas Resources, Inc., GCN was developed to promote the importance of investing in precious metals. In a short time GCN has grown with more than 50 nationally syndicated programs. GCN's programs range from politics, world issues, and economics, to medicine, gardening, home improvement, traveling, automobiles, and more.

Thanks to the dedicated listeners, the demand for GCN's hard hitting talk radio is continually increasing. Currently GCN reaches millions of listeners each day on our website worldwide; through our Listen Live Online player, On Demand player, Listen Line, mobile apps, archives and podcasts. We broadcast across the 48 continental states to more than 700+ AM & FM stations. GCN broadcasts in the top markets including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit and Washington D.C.. Through AM and FM stations, internet streams, Google Android devices and iPhones; GCN gains hundreds of new listeners each day.
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