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The Cockpit is a dogfight between brothers. Using songs instead of bullets, "Les Frères Pilon" guide you through the very best Canadian, international and local talent we can find.

Pilot (Jeremy Pilon) is the host of the program jetting you from your backyard to the South Pacific one week and Europe the next. The Pilot brings a fuel blend from folk to hard rock with Snoop Dogg making the odd appearance to sniff out The Navigators bomb tracks. Pilot brings more than 20 years as a musical performer to air with experience playing bass in local bands Linger and The Criminal Kid.

The Navigator (Andrew Pilon) pushes the flights into the dangerous and unknown, from epic progressive battles through the fjords of Norway to a street fight under the Albert street bridge. The Navigator has been a musician for over 15 years. With an excellent eye for the technical and complex - his best work is in that little flap under the wing...
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