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The Lounge Sound is all about music from an era when Parties, Martinis and Cocktails were an important part of everyday life.

There is nothing more stress relieving than sitting around with friends, having a Martini or three and listening to great Lounge music like, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Michael Buble. We add new songs each and every day for the most comprehensive listing of lounge music in the world! Well not really but we have lots!

Are you at work?? Turn on The Lounge Sound and listen to some nice smooth tunes to help you work better, before you know it , it will be quitting time, opps, sorry I mean Cocktail time!!

We are not like the other lounge or crooner radio websites, as we are specific to Cocktail Lounge Music, Vegas style, a genre of music not heard very often on traditional radio and not much on web radio either. This music moves us, makes us happy , makes us sad, makes us want to drink! So if someone asks you if you want to drink, you say ya! Lets try turning on The Lounge Sound and have a few cocktails!
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