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The 1920s Radio Network 20s, 30s, 40s, Old Time Radio, Chesapeake Virginia

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Welcome to The 1920s Radio Network! We are an online worldwde streaming service dedicated to playing music from the 1920s to the 1940s. Also in our vast library we have cylinder music going back to the year 1900! We are certain there's going to be something you'll like. In addition to the music we also air Old Time Radio shows on the weekends, and have a second OTR service as well.
The 1920s Radio Network got its start in the late 90s but officially began on May 8, 2004. Since then our audience has grown very large and we log about 100,000 listener hours per month. If you live in the Norfolk Virginia Beach area you can listen to us over the air on our flagship affiliate WHRO 90.3 HD3.
Our studio facilities located in Chesapeake Virginia have 3 main rooms- the 1920s studio, our production room, and our AM control room for our sister AM stereo classic country station. Our main equipment room contains all electronics, computer racks, and distribution gear to make it all happen. All critical systems are on a 2.7KVA UPS back up and 35KW generator. When the studio was constructed it was done as strictly an analog only plant. We have several open reel tape machines at our facilities for mastering and re recording to our servers, our favorite being the Otari MTR-10. Tape just sounds better!
Please visit our website at for more program and stream details.
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