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Independent Artists/Bands are welcome to create a Band Page on and get your music heard around the world! Simply...

1) Go to and click on "Forum".
2) Become a Member in the Forum. Only takes seconds.
3) Then click on "Scrub Bands" (top menu bar in red)
4) Then click on "Add New Band" (left menu in red)
5) Input all the required information to create your Band Page.

Once your Band Page is completed,
6) click on "UPLOAD/MANAGE SONGS" on your Band Page (center menu in red)
7) securely upload mp3s for ScrubRadio DJs to play on their shows!!

It's that easy!

Remember: Only mp3 format files may be uploaded.
Only ORIGINAL MATERIAL can be submitted for air - NO COVER TUNES.
Note: ScrubRadio does not pay royalties. None of us gets paid. We're all volunteers on this bus!

Welcome to Scrub Radio!!
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