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Radio Regentrude is a fully licensed (by GEMA + GVL + Ma HSH), independent, non-commercial German internet-only station founded in 2010.

We have a co-operation with a large hospital radio which owns 600 receiving devices and transmits our daily live shows directly into the patients' rooms.

Radio Regentrude offers a rich variety of different music styles - such as rock, pop, 70s, 80s, 90s, blues, bluesrock, country / americana, dance / Club & house, dark wave, chillout / lounge / ambient , worldmusic, cektucm fikjm subger sibgwruter . and many more - and supports artists as well as music labels from all over the world with airplays, special webcasts etc.

Radio Regentrude can easily be tuned in world-wide via computers, tablet-PCs, netbooks, notebooks, mobile phones, smart phones, smart TV stations, car audio - moreover via listening devices using vTuner and more.

The "Regentrude" was a fairy in a fairytale written by Theodor Storm.
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