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In the 1980s the phenomenon emerged in Belgium free radio.
So also in our town Asse near Brussels, the heart of Europe.
Our little commune 7 local radios that got started, including two radios playing with such power that they were broadcasting to national and even outside the Belgian borders.
And then there was also Radio Albatros, a warm circle of friends that day in and day out music for his many listeners, who regularly stopped by to say hello in our broadcasting studios or call shots with us.
Radio Albatros turned lots of images from the 1960s and 1970s, both Dutch and English. We got a lot of requests of listeners, and in the Albatross café was sometimes into the early hours between pot and pint of talk about how Radio Albatros would evolve further.
A while, however, it remained quiet around the radio, death and other incidents led to a period that was not broadcast.
But times change, soon disappear the FM radios and then what? Don't worry, new techniques such as DAB, DAB + and internet radio has to offer.
We therefore could not continue to monitor, the idea of internet Radio Albatros Belgium was born. And a number of presenters of the past were immediately enthusiastic.
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