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Pagan Radio Network (formerly "Circle of Souls Pagan Radio") is a listener-supported station that has been broadcasting online since 2001 and we have appeared in printed media such as NewWitch, Indie Bible and Circle magazine.

Pagan Radio Network promotes musical artists of the following genres:
Pagan, World-Beat, Ethnic-Fusion, Folk, Down-tempo, Ambient, Chill, Tribal, Light Rock, Celtic, New Age, Native American Indian, and other styles of music that might appeal to our "pagan-minded" listeners.

Our specialty shows also play Neo-Classical, Neo-Medieval, Wyrd-Folk, Gothic, Goth-Rock, Industrial, Metal, Darkwave, Alternative, Rock, Trip-Hop, Electronic, Trance, and Dark Pagan music.

Pagan Radio Network is licensed under PPL in over thirty-eight major countries.
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