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Nuclear Rock Radio is owned and operated by some of the DJ's & people in the music industry that have been supporting Metal and Rock music for many years. Our goal is to bring you the best from up and coming music to the greatest that ever was and always will be. Stay tuned for more details as we build this new vessel for rock and metal music.

Staff & DJ'S :

DJ Metallord Host of Throne of Metal Radio Show

Lordslady Host of Pagan Horde Radio Show

Dekkers Host of The Oz Fest

DJ Badslayer

DJ Miss Evil

DJ Valkyrie Host of Beyond The Blaze Radio Show

Lair Lounge w/Cryptos

Congregation W/The Rev

Carl The Shot Daddy w/Mayhem Radio Show

Cruise Control w/ DJ Claudeus w/Hair Lair Show

Metal Mom (Coming Soon)

The Metal Trip Show w/Cherrys Thorne

DJ Sleazy Beasy W/The Den of Sin Show

DJ Blood Boiler w/Bloodsoaked Metal Legion Show

Metal Sabbath w/Slaytanic Sal (Coming Soon)

DJ Wired (Coming Soon)

More TBA
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