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MOOZfm wants to be an elegant music box which combines various music genres like Blues and Acoustic sessions, Pop, Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, Folk and Indie, World music and Live performances.

We think, it is really possible to create a mix of sounds that could take you to a higher level of listening. Of course, you might surf out there and find every kind of radio station, especially with a specific thematic. And it is even more easy to catch an fm station which promotes 15-30 tracks and plays all the same stuff every day, the whole day. You can find that 'too commercial' kind of music easily everywhere.

So you might appreciate to find some Nu Jazz and special Acoustic performances, Vocal Irish gems and Adult Contemporary Pop music. On the other side you might want to explore some World and Folk music and then get back to some Blues and take a Bluegrass trip.

What is really the most important to us is to avoid that noisy and chaotic music, that breaks through the standard radios all over the world and interferes with the real music discovery. Open your ears and switch to a different wave of sound. We are sure, you’ll find some good stuff!

We hope you’ll appreciate our researches and this maybe unusual combination of music.
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