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Spread cultural awareness and understanding through locally produced educational vignettes
Showcase local musicians, singers, songwriters, authors, and various other artists
Provide accurate and timely reports on the news of the day, both local and worldwide
Expose the audience to a broad range of music, including ethnic and other forms not considered commercially viable
Foster public participation in an ongoing forum for opinions on local issues and concerns

Cultural education will be the primary focus of our broadcast programming. Virtually all social issues in Hawai‘i are heavily influenced or affected by the unique multiculturalism of this state. We plan to use traditional as well as contemporary music of Hawai'i's major ethnic groups including (but certainly not limited to) Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, and Hawaiian to further the community's understanding of the culture, history, and social perspectives of each of these groups. Education through music will also extend to regular broadcasts of classical, jazz, and modern classic (e.g. "Big Band") music hosted by experts in those areas. We anticipate our musical programming (music plus knowledgeable analyses and interpretations, including lectures and other oral presentations illustrated or punctuated by musical examples) to comprise approximately 80% of broadcast time.

Of the remaining 20%, more than half of the broadcast time will include actual instructional material, i.e. lessons in Hawaiian language, health and wellness information for senior citizens, Hawaiian history, etc. The remainder of the broadcast schedule (8%) will be filled by news and public service announcements, both of which may be considered educational.

Incidentally, mana'o is a Hawaiian word which means thought, idea, opinion, theory, meaning, mind; to think, suppose, meditate, deem, consider. It is one of many non-English words used frequently in Hawai'i, often in the phrase sharing mana'o, or the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and expertise. Pre-contact Hawaiians had no written language; knowledge was passed through the oral tradition of sharing mana‘o. We chose the name Mana'o Radio because we see this station as a modern extension of this tradition; an opportunity to educate the community through multicultural sharing.

In other words…MAUI ECLECTIC!
Name Show Day
Alana Cini Wednesday (8pm-12mid)
Bill Best Monday-Friday (10am-2pm)
Bob Jones Wednesday (2pm-5pm)
Bobalou - Thursday (8pm-12mid)
Brent Stricker Friday (8pm-12mid)
Carlos Garcia Thursday (6am-10am)
Daryl Scott Saturday (8pm-12mid) Rock the Rock
Don Lopez Sunday (2pm-5pm)
Dorothy Betz Tuesday (8pm-12mid)
Dr B Thursday (2pm-5pm) Tropic of Love
Dr Nat Saturday Saturday Celebrity DJs
Eddie Aviles Guest DJ
Eric Molina Thursday (5pm-8pm) The Good Doctor
Fletch Saturday (5pm-8pm)
Gail Swanson Guest DJ
Hamish Burgess Sunday (8am-10am) Sunday Solstice Celtic
Ike Duru Tuesday (5pm-8pm) The Barrister
Jimmy C Thursday (12mid-6am)
jj - Tuesday (5-8pm) Cafe J.J.
John Bruce Guest DJ
Josh Greenbaum Monday (2pm-5pm) Backside of the Beat
Julie Guest DJ
Kathy Collins Various Days (12mid-6am) Friday (5pm-8pm)
Michael McCartney Satuday (2pm-5pm) The Time Machine
Mike Albert Saturday (6am-10am) The Atomic Café
Mike Buono Monday (8pm-12mid)
Mike Elam Monday (5pm-8pm) Web Wizard Mike
Mike Elf Guest DJ
Nick Jackson Guest DJ
Paul Wood Tuesday (2pm-5pm) Paul Wood's Exquisite Rarities
Raj Sussman Guest DJ
Randall Rospond Saturday Saturday Celebrity DJs
Ray Gooliak Guest DJ
Ray Mayron Guest DJ
Rich Tully Guest DJ World Vibe
Robbie Ray Monday, Friday (6am-10am) Cocoland Sunrise
Scott Sherley Sunday (10am-2pm) Stardust Memories
Steve Grimes Saturday Saturday Celebrity DJs
Tony Novak-Clifford Tuesday (6am-10am)
Vince Esquire Saturday Saturday Celebrity DJs
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