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Getting water filters into households is still our top priority. We continue to partner with other NGOs to distribute Tunsai Water Filters to Cambodia’s poorest households, proudly taking over a project that International Development Enterprises has championed for the last 10 years. More than 150,000 households have already been supplied with Tunsai water filters through charitable distribution networks.

But Cambodian spending power is increasing every day, and we’ve designed the Super Tunsai as an iconic consumer product to be distributed through conventional retail channels. We’re investing in a highly trained Cambodian manufacturing and sales force, providing professional development and important non-agricultural jobs in rural areas. We’ve already partnered with 600 retail centers throughout the provinces for distribution, and more are added every day.

We’re leading the market by example with our commitment to transparency, product quality, and superior value. We’re delivering a product to Cambodians that they demand and deserve. And by saving thousands of tons of firewood that would otherwise be burned to boil water, we’re helping to save Cambodia’s forests and improve the global climate.
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