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We are a CHRISTIAN hard music station broadcasting out of the state of Washington. We play mainstream bands like P.O.D., Pillar, Skillet, Demon Hunter, 12 Stones and As I Lay Dying. We also play indie bands, hardcore, and modern hard rock. Try our online request feature and choose from over 4,000 songs. Go to and check us out....often!

This station is for fans of hardcore, metalcore, and modern hard rock. We play hard Christian music all the time! Submit your requests through the Playlist & Request pages. (See Request Rules for more information.)

The Full Armor of God
Weeknights at 6 PM Pacific/8 PM Central/9 PM Eastern
Join KUBA "The Demon Slayer" with 60 minutes of extreme music with an extreme message,
"Be strong in the Lord and keep your armor on! We're gonna give the devil a black eye!" (

The Flood
Tuesday nights at 7 PM Pacific/9 PM Central/10 PM Eastern (NEW DAY AND TIME!!!)
Tuesday nights we have one hour flooded with listener requests! You don't need to be a member of the Forum, but membership is free and you will be able to make requests that you couldn't otherwise. Tell your friends to join us and make those requests! (Canceled for the time being)

Fossil Fuel
Saturday nights at 5 PM Pacific/7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern
Two hours of Christian hard music from the eighties and nineties. Music from classic bands like Believer, Living Sacrifice, Mortification and more... Come hear what we've dug up!

At fuel radio, VIP membership has its privileges. Like your own personalized page where you can save and request your favorite songs and keep track of recently requested songs plus you'll get access to Quick Play (QP) where it plays requests at lightning speed. Join discussions and make new friends on our forum. And only VIP members are able to enter premium fuel member contests. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU ASK FOR? Click on for more details.

And now you can listen to us anywhere, anytime from your cellphone, just dial 704-631-4060 press #1 for music 1452 and your connected. Your carriers airtime rates to apply so listen responsibility and keep in mind, we will rock your cell. Fuel radio the only station that plays the real christian rock that the other stations are just to scared to play!!!!!
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