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Description: offers live-streaming of folk, roots, and Americana music over the Internet 24 hours a day. The hosted stream is produced by NPR-affiliate WKSU-FM in Kent, OH, which also built and maintains the web site. The Folk Alley playlist is created by Folk Alley's senior director of content, Linda Fahey. It features a distinctive blend of the best of traditional and contemporary singer/songwriters, Celtic, bluegrass & old-time, acoustic, Americana, blues, and world sounds.

Matt Reilly: midnight - 5am (ET)
Matt Watroba: 5-7am (ET);
Elena See: 7am - noon(ET)
Matt Watroba: Noon - 2pm (ET)
Jim Blum: 2 - 7pm (ET)
Barb Heller: 7pm-midnight

Linda Fahey - senior director of content
Jon Nungesser - production

IT/Web Team -
Chuck Poulton
Dan Kuznicki

Ann VerWiebe - Website/Newsletter/Social Media goddess
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