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Fact is 64% of the so called hosting companies on the internet are using reseller accounts provided by a larger hosting company to host your data, audio streams and files. They simply charge you for services based on what their larger hosting company charges them. They have to make a profit off you to keep in business, sadly to do this most of the hosts need to charge you more money than their hosting companies charge them! Because of this you will never be able to financially win with a host that is simply reselling services for another hosting company. A more noticeable problem you may notice is that the smaller host has no real control over the servers themselves, most of these servers are hosting other reseller accounts with many websites on them and they are prone to errors and downtime that the smaller host has no control over. Because of this you may experience downtime that amounts to 6 or more days in a month! JWN Media owns and operates our own network and systems in a state of the art data center located on Teir 1 trunks in Kansas City, United States. We also have our own dedicated on site staff that guarantees to resolve server problems and downtime in minutes instead of hours or days. Couple that with the top customer support and technical support staff in the industry and you will quickly find that our hosting services are years ahead of the competition. Try us out today, with our money back guarantee you cannot lose!
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