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Having gone back to school recently.

Whoa recently? Time flies, i have already finished a course and now on to the much harder stuff but i realized that i for one am the type of person who needs something going in the background. Ambiance sounds i found didn’t work for me, I’m too literal, having birds chirping and waterfalls running really took me out of it because well, these thing are not really there. So i found that music works for me but not just any music. It has to have a certain mood and sound so as not to distract me. I did a couple Google searches to see if i could find anything online geared specifically for students that are studying, alas i did not.

That’s when it dawned on me that this is something i could do to help people out, i know what i like for studying and hope that it helps for you. I spent a good deal of time compiling this playlist of tracks that have the right sound, if the songs do have vocals they are tolerable and do not interfere, i found that while some songs had the sound i was looking for that maybe the vocal effects or tone just cut right through your head and was thus, a distraction. Normally these songs are fine but when trying to study they were a distraction.

We have a different and wide variety of sounds here and i think if you tune in and listen for a while you will quickly forget that its on (unless of coarse your just so in love with a song) and find it helps you to have in the background. I found it takes a bit of an adjustment because i had to have the volume much lower then i like almost too low, just enough so that the room is not silent but not enough to pull your attention to the music.

The playlist will never be complete i will probably add to it as time goes and if you listen and find anything in particular you feel does not fit in well then just head on over to the contact page and let me know, as well if you want anything added to the playlist let me know as well, I’ll see what i can do.

Other then that enjoy, and if you like it and find it helpful then please tell your friends, that would be nice.
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