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91FM was a revolutionary Christian station that launched in 1985 in Oklahoma City. For the next 20 years, 91FM was the only Christian station in the nation to play everything from rap to techno to metal and everything in between. On May 25, 2006, KOKF 91FM changed ownership to Air 1.

For 91FM staff and listeners, the vision of 91FM didn't end 4 years ago. There was a void left to reach people with the love of Christ in a radically different way. 91 Online is an online resurrection of 91FM with the same musical format and much of the same staff of 91FM, but with an expanded vision to reach people across the world with His love through music, community and relationships.

91 Online launched on October 31, 2010 with guests like Mark and Will of Audio Adrenaline, KJ-52, DJ Maj and Ian Eskelin as well as several of the former legendary staff of 91FM and local artists. Since the launch, 91 Online has been honored to work with the OKC Thunder, premiere new music from artists like Kevin Max, The Waiting and Miss Angie and have been covered in the media through print, television and internet. 91 has big plans for 2011 and beyond!
Be looking for the full launch of in May!

Board of Directors:
Brandon Rahbar - President
Eva Hamlin - Vice President
Rachael Jamison - Operations Manager
Terri Fields - Office Manager/Treasurer
Ryan Colley - Director of Ministry/Advertising
Matthew Lindsey - Director of Marketing
Karen Griffin - 91FM Legend/Historian
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