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81hiphop was founded 2014. We are a brand new break out Radio Station. The Founder Mont Phillips from Cleveland OH, Delivered a concept in 2006 to underground artist across the globe, covering all music genres. The concept was to give unknown and unsigned artist an outlet to be heard. It seemed to be an instant success. Artists and Bands from across the nation and beyond started to send Mont cd’s to be played on his online station and as a keeper of promise artist that mainstream radio listeners have never heard were given a chance to be judged by everyday music lovers. We Hold these same standards today at 81hiphop.

Before Mont made it to the majors he helped bands get signed like One Republic, Hollywood Undead, and Five Finger Death Punch. He also worked alongside in 2008 with Fish N Gritz of 2 Live Crew and X Rated Riders to help his best friend get heard which is Flo Rida Feat T-Pain – Low Get Heard, Before Mont put that song in his network “Low” wasn’t heard a at the time 3 year old song and 6 months later everyone heard it everywhere. Mont also worked with Jack Russell Entertainment to put pick the song to push his artist at the time to get to the next level, which was Yung L.A. of Grand Hustle.

The Music industry is not the easiest of professions to break into not only does it take a lot of hard work and dedication it also includes marketing, advertising, promoting, concerts and you need to know the “right” people.

81hiphop offers artists and bands an outlet that targets A&R’s, Producers, DJ’s, Labels, and ETC…

81hiphop Radio play’s a big part in marketing for artists and bands without them feeling financially crunched.

We want to hear from you, as we all grow together with one common goal, “TO BE HEARD”
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