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Ahhh, the ‘80s. No other decade stands out in Pop Culture like the Decade of Excess. The Eighties saw a boom in the Economy, AIDS Awareness, Recycling, Technology and Music.

80s Mixed plays all the biggest Top 40 Hits from 1980 through 1989, extended and remixed to savor the memories. You can hear our LIVE '80s broadcast on our website at and TuneIn Radio, plus listen in on all compatible mobile devices with available online radio applications.

Artists in the 80's Mixed rotation include the King of Pop - Michael Jackson, The Material Girl - Madonna, Past American Idol Judge - Paula Abdul and Prince to name a few.

We also feature rare 12 Inch Singles from David Bowie, Lionel Richie, Samantha Fox and Debbie Gibson, plus we have Retro Memories with vintage 80's commercials, 80's Movie Clips and 80's T.V. Show Intros to take you back when Ronald Regan was president and Pepsi was cool.

Eighties commercials were not only colorful and catchy, they were also chock full of creativity. Inventive ways to push products on television became the main stream media. Taglines such as "Where's The Beef?" became embraced by popular culture and even printed on t-shirts.

We've compiled some of these awesome retro ads into what we call "80's Retro Memories". Listen in between Extended 80's Hits for a flashback or two.
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