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The first rock and roll was an offshoot of the blues genres by artists like Fats Domino and Elvis. The next generation in the sound were garage rock and surf rock which became very popular in the USA. At the same time harder rock music driven by blues became extremely popular in the United Kingdom. British blues, mod, merseybeat, and skiffle, were the next step in rock evolution. In the mid 60s the British Invasion including groups like the Beatles started a movement which swept the world.

Dale Llanero Dale Llanero
Live Nation Live Nation
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Radio Rock Ao vivo Radio Rock Ao vivo
FM 30 - 30 De Agosto - Bs. As. - Argentina FM 30 - 30 De Agosto - Bs. As. - Argentina LIVE HipHop Stream LIVE HipHop Stream
Rockenportada.comRadio Rockenportada.comRadio
RockwebRadioAthens RockwebRadioAthens
The Hawks Nest The Hawks Nest
WLNG Radio - 64k aac+ WLNG Radio - 64k aac+
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