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Christian Inspirational music, by definition, is music that inspires, but since all of the various forms of Christian music do just that, we have to dig a little deeper. If you look at the various songs and groups played on "Inspo Radio" and the music that has won GMA Dove awards for the Inspirational category, you will find that Inspirational, as a style, really isn't a defined style that stands on its own. Inspo blends pop, contemporary, AC, hymns and even praise and worship, without the corporate worship elements.

Lost Sheep Lost Sheep
WeWinChristianRadioWorship! WeWinChristianRadioWorship!
Dialogue RCF Dialogue RCF
mashiabantou mashiabantou
Saints Of Joy Saints Of Joy
Christian Praise Radio Christian Praise Radio
AfrikSc AfrikSc
preachloud preachloud
Centrocristianoazuay Centrocristianoazuay
HolySpirit&FireRadio HolySpirit&FireRadio
wandanafm wandanafm
JajRadio JajRadio
Kingdom Connection Radio Kingdom Connection Radio
live live
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