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A genre of music whose very title was a reaction to rock, "Easy Listening" was nothing more or less than postwar pop removed of any blues or jazz influences whatsoever; a defiantly European brand of music, it kept the orchestral nature of Fifties pop but concentrated almost entirely on melody and arrangement. As a consequence, most of the style's big names were conductors, composers, arrangers, or instrumental showmen -- Mantovani, Mancini, Liberace. Some vocalists, like Andy Williams and the later Perry Como, became stars of the style, but most vocalists had migrated to the more radio-friendly Adult Contemporary genre by the time rock had completely conquered radio in the late Sixties. This also meant that easy listening was essentially an album-sales format, relying on film soundtracks and versions of pop standards to survive.

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http://GreekRadio5.co.nf_(Click_Here_For_HQ_AAC+_128kbps) http://GreekRadio5.co.nf_(Click_Here_For_HQ_AAC+_128kbps)
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