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Soft rock, also referred to as light rock or easy rock, is a style of music which uses the techniques of rock and roll to compose a softer, supposedly more ear-pleasing sound for listening, often at work or when driving. Soft rock is known to be confused with psychedelic rock many times. Soft rock is usually sung with higher-pitched vocals, and the lyrics tend to be non-confrontational, focusing in very general language on themes like love, everyday life and relationships. The genre tends to make heavy use of pianos, synthesizers and sometimes saxophones. The electric guitars in soft rock are normally faint and high-pitched.
Soft rock is a style of rock that emerged in the early 1970s, both as a reaction against the increasingly heavy music (punk rock and heavy metal, etc.) that dominated rock at the time, as well as a reflection of the changing priorities of the Baby Boom in the early 1970s.

Vapers Collective Radio Vapers Collective Radio
XSite Radio - Chill XSite Radio - Chill
Jukebox Jukebox
CKWR Community Station CKWR Community Station
107.9 RADIO 25 LIVE (UK) 107.9 RADIO 25 LIVE (UK)
RadioEZ RadioEZ
RZ - Radio Zachod - 32kbps RZ - Radio Zachod - 32kbps
Radio 2.0 - La Radio delle Valli di Bergamo Radio 2.0 - La Radio delle Valli di Bergamo
Mystik Fm Mystik Fm
Woods Hit Radio - Host by Woods Hit Radio - Host by
Trudge Beats Trudge Beats
Radio Gorzow - 32kbps Radio Gorzow - 32kbps
Diamond 101 fm - Time to Relax Diamond 101 fm - Time to Relax
Radio Amsterdam 100.2 FM Radio Amsterdam 100.2 FM
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