College Radio Stations

College rock took its name from the fact that most music falling under this umbrella during the genreā€™s mid- to late-'80s heyday could garner significant airplay primarily on independently operated college radio stations. Musically, it extended across a variety of styles, but much of it drew inspiration somehow from the punk, new wave and post-punk of the late '70s and early '80s. In essence, college rock represented the first explosive wave of what would later be termed (ironically, right after it hit the mainstream) alternative rock.

Baile carioca Baile carioca
FM Asteroides FM Asteroides
Stream BogorNet Stream BogorNet
WCWM 90.9 WCWM 90.9
WNCC Nashua Community College WNCC Nashua Community College
FM SENSACION - By OscarNetMedios FM SENSACION - By OscarNetMedios
CKXU-FM 88.3 Radio Society Stream CKXU-FM 88.3 Radio Society Stream
Radio DC The Voice Radio DC The Voice
la mixteka la mixteka
MCCC Viking Radio MCCC Viking Radio
gospel gospel
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