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Britpop is a genre of music from the 1990s that was based on the British pop scene of the 1960s and 1970s, incorporating elements of British Invasion, Garage, Glam, New Wave and Punk as well as straight Pop and Rock music. Many britpop bands had a quintessentially British sound, though they enjoyed much popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. Other acts started to emulate the Britpop sound, and as such, not all britpop acts are actually British (though most are). The main genre considered to be a tempering influence on the pop music scene at the time was grunge, though there was some mutual appreciation going on between the two camps.

radioarmani radioarmani
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Un autre monde Un autre monde
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Maitre gyms ceinture noire Maitre gyms ceinture noire
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Flashback Division - Your Home For Classic Alternative Music! (128kb) Flashback Division - Your Home For Classic Alternative Music! (128kb)
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