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During the 1970's a new international musical movement began to emerge. Always unfocused and multi-directional, it had never had a clear identity. In 1986 it reached critical mass commercially, and the record industry settled on a name — New Age music.
In the early days, when New Age was just one of many references that were floating around to describe the nascent genre, listeners, reviewers, and even the musicians creating it were unclear about the meaning of the term, since a wide variety of contemporary, experimental, and traditional styles were swept together under the New Age umbrella.
As a description of grass roots spiritual movements the term "New Age" has been around at least since the neo-spiritualist movements of the late 19th century. It is here that the genre found its original audience and probably its dubious reputation for intellectual rigor.

TheDreamCatchers TheDreamCatchers
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5Thousand 5Thousand
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Bottle0'Groove Bottle0'Groove, Mantras, Mandalas, Reiki, Meditation, Meditacion, Mantras, Mandalas, Reiki, Meditation, Meditacion
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RadioConscience RadioConscience
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