International Radio Stations

International music is defined as a general category term for global music, for instance folk music, traditional music and etc. This music is often created and played by talented and indigenous musicians and usually share the same connection with their place of origin.
This term is credited to Robert E. Brown, who is an ethnomusicologist. He managed to develop undergraduate by going through doctoral programs in this particular discipline. In order to enhance the learning process, he went to the extent of inviting more than a dozen performers from Asia as well as Africa to begin series of music concert. This term became popular in the 1980s and used as a marketing device in the music and media industry.

Gold-bg Gold-bg
NRhabboz NRhabboz
BLAST.IT Internet Radio BLAST.IT Internet Radio
Gospel Sound System Gospel Sound System
RadioFiel RadioFiel
Masaba fm Masaba fm
Mohamed.besto Mohamed.besto
GlobaSound Radio GlobaSound Radio
MagoRadio MagoRadio
dynasty radio dynasty radio
radio-querbeat radio-querbeat
Radio Mocambos (MP3) Radio Mocambos (MP3)
Radio C3 Radio C3
ZeeblyMusic ZeeblyMusic
fug fm fug fm
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