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Musical style that originated among whites in rural areas of the southern and western U.S. The term country and western music was adopted by the music industry in 1949 to replace the derogatory hillbilly music. Its roots lie in the music of the European settlers of the Appalachians and other areas. In the early 1920s the genre began to be commercially recorded; Fiddlin' John Carson recorded its first hit.

StudioxMusic Station StudioxMusic Station
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Centre Shalom Centre Shalom
K101 FM K101 FM
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United For Christ Radio United For Christ Radio
Créo'Music Fun Créo'Music Fun
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All4Masti All4Masti
BerdikariBerkarya BerdikariBerkarya
Sadhaham Radio Sadhaham Radio
African Diaspora Online Radio African Diaspora Online Radio
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